Team Ellis Gym is a health and fitness club dedicated to helping people from all walks of life reach their fitness goals through boxing-style training! Our gym is in a brand new state-of-the-art facility, and has some of the best boxing equipment and training facilities on offer in Australia.

Boxing Level 1


Our introductory level program designed to improve your base fitness through boxing techniques. Benefits of the program include weight loss, increased muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness and improved strength and power. This program is designed to give you a fun way to work out- giving you a unique cardio workout that is self-paced and teaches you basic self-defense through boxing.

Boxing Level 2


The next level for those with intermediate-advanced experience. This program is designed to push you to the limits and is not for the faint-hearted! Level 2 classes will include high-intensity exercises that will help you to lose excess weight, improve technical ability and reach peak athletic condition.

Boxing Level 3


An advanced level for those would eventually like to compete as either an amateur or professional boxer. Level 3 classes include contact sparring, partner drills and exercises.



Full strength and conditioning program- and consists of specified workouts to compliment our boxing classes. HIIT classes are designed to give you the body you’ve always wanted through our series of intense and dynamic workouts! Benefits include muscle toning, increasing lean muscle mass and improving upon cardiovascular endurance- with the option of low-impact cardio.

Women’s Boxing


With boxing recently overtaking Yoga as the latest fitness craze, our women’s boxing class is an absolute must try for all women! Classes are run by WIBA World Boxing Champion Sylvia Scharper- who knows what it’s like to compete in a predominantly male-dominant sport. Women’s boxing is an empowering way to exercise and is one of the best ways to speedily lose weight, learn self defence and develop total whole body strength. There’s a reason why models such as Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn include regular boxing sessions in their fitness regime!

Kids Boxing


Youth boxing is our class dedicated to children under 8 and under 16. These classes teach children discipline and self-defence all while exercising in a fun and enjoyable way. Classes are run by primary schoolteacher and former professional champion Heath Ellis- who seeks to instil important values such as confidence, determination, inner-strength and how to effectively overcome obstacles. Youth boxing also helps children improve on fitness, balance, coordination, and communication skills in a safe and engaging environment.



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